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West African Heartwood Used For Furniture and Decking

Padouk is a heartwood or orange to brown-red colour. It is primarily found in tropical west Africa Jungles.

It is a highly versatile timber. It is used extensively in cabinet making, fine joinery, bridge construction, decking, exterior flooring and exterior and internal stairs. One of the easiest timbers to season, there is very little shrinkage or risk of distortion to cause degrade.

The wood is durable and resistant to termites. Used for furniture, construction timber, cart wheels, tool handles, and posts; though not a true rosewood it is sometimes traded as such. 

JSC Timber is proud to source and recommends this FSC® certified timber product.  See how architects have created dynamic and unique impacts with this timber in the project gallery and contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with this sustainable timber
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  • BOTANICAL NAME: Pterocarpus spp.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Tropical Africa (Nigeria, Congo, Gabon)
  • COLOUR: Colour and texture: yellowy-red to red-brown. Bands of colour fading to an attractive reddish-brown. In its fresh state, it has an aromatic smell.
  • GRAIN: Mostly straight, with occasional interlock grain, creating an attractive pattern. Striking Orange-brown colours favoured for fancy veneers.
  • DENSITY/STRENGTH DURABILITY: *790kg/m3 at 12%MC. Class 2 Strength. Class 1 Durable and very resistant to insect attack.
  • SEASONING: A stable specie. One of the easiest timbers to season, there is very little shrinkage or risk of distortion to cause degrade.
  • WORKING QUALITIES: Despite being heavy and dense, this wood works well with minimal resistance to most operations. Sharp tools and slower feed rates ensure the best results when working with Padouk. Good adhesive bonding, though oily to the touch. Good surface treatment possible (polish, stain, lacquer). Lower Heating Value 18.47 MJ It’s been known to cause nasal irritation – mask recommended for close work.

Need a custom FSC Padouk solution for your next project?

At JSC, we can make your timber design dreams come true. Our expert in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create offering to satisfy even the most unique project requirements. Our precision moulding and machining mean we can match existing profiles and also do custom design. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch today.


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