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High Natural Resistance To Moisture and Decay

New Zealand grown Douglas Fir has been consistently used for roof trusses, framing, laminated beams and ceiling sarking, making good use of its distinctive grain and colour despite being fast grown in the NZ conditions.
Supplies of quality Douglas Fir are plentiful and are priced attractive rates, particularly in the commercial tight knot grades.
Tags: Indoor use, Softwood
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  • STANDARD TRADE NAME: Douglas Fir, Oregon
  • BOTANICAL NAMES: Pseudotsuga menziesii
  • DISTRIBUTION: Oregon extends from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, and from Mexico to central British Columbia. Production comes from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
  • APPEARANCE: Pinky brown with occasional yellow margins. Douglas Fir has prominent growth rings and distinctive figured grain.
  • DURABILITY: Heartwood is moderately durable but resistant to preservative treatment – applications in interior or semi- protected areas is advised.
  • WORKING & FINISHING PROPERTIES: Care is needed to avoid raised grain due to dull knives, particularly in younger pieces. Old growth generally finishes well and takes stain and glue, generally with good results.
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: *520-560 Kg/M3 air dry. Straight grained and resinous, Douglas Fir is renowned for a most favourable strength weight ratio, hence its use for interior beams and spars. Coming from tall slender trees, and often clear of branches to the first 20 metres, long lengths clears are usually available.
  • SEASONING: The slower grown imported product dries rapidly with little distortion though some checking might occur in large beam stock unless end sealed and wrapped after dressing to slow down the drying process. Some surface checking in larger beams is inevitable in areas of NZ with low humidity.

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