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Tasmanian Oak

Light Coloured Timber Suitable For Interior Use With Excellent Staining Properties

Tasmanian Oak is a mixture of two Eucalypt species. It ranges in colour from pale pink to brown straw. It is straight, open and even-grained with a uniform texture, usually all quartersawn for stability with excellent staining properties.

It is versatile timber perfect for both construction and interior applications, used extensively for flooring, panelling, interior joinery, architraves and skirting boards. Being a light timber, it is recognised for its excellent staining qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings.

JSC regularly recommends and sources Tasmanian Oak for unique architectural projects. We have extensive experience working alongside your experts to help you design facades and structures that will last for generations. Please scroll through the gallery above to be inspired and contact us today for your personalised quote.
Tags: Light colour, Indoor use, Hardwood, Sustainably sourced, Attractive grain, Stable
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  • COMMON NAMES: Tasmanian Oak; Australian Ash, Victorian Ash
  • BOTANICAL NAMES: Eucalyptus Regnans, Eucalyptus Delegatensis, Eucalyptus Obliqua and Eucalyptus Messmate.
  • SPECIES: Tasmanian Oak is a generic name for a group of eucalyptus species grown primarily in Victoria and Tasmania, with E. regnans, E. delegatensis, and E. obliqua being the most common. Colour varies but generally a creamy blonde species with pinky-brown streaks.
  • GRAIN: Grain is usually straight, open and even. It is occasionally coarse-grained, or fiddle backed. Growth rings are visible and usually conspicuous.
  • DENSITY/STRENGTH: Approximately *700 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content. Shrinkage (from green to 12% MC) Approx. 5.5% radial, 11% tangential before reconditioning; 3.5% radial, 6.5% tangential after reconditioning). Janka 7.1kN*
  • DURABILITY: AG Class 4-5 Durability Internal use only (NZ).
  • WORKING QUALITIES: Tasmanian Oak is relatively easy to work, cuts easily and is also good to fair bending timber.
  • USES: Applied and structural flooring, panelling, internal furniture and joinery.

Need a custom Tasmanian Oak solution for your next project?

At JSC, we can make your timber design dreams come true. Our expert in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create offering to satisfy even the most unique project requirements. Our precision moulding and machining mean we can match existing profiles and also do custom design. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch today.


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