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Structural hardwood strong enough to handle a horses kick

Cumaru (Dipteryx Odorata) is a very dense, heavy and hard timber. This makes it ideally suited for use as an exterior structural timber where heavy exposure to the weather is expected.

JSC Cumaru (known as Tonka by others) is a 100% FSC certified timber product that is durable enough to withstand a horses kick - and was used at the recently redesigned Ellerslie Stables.

JSC regularly recommends and sources Cumaru for unique architectural projects. We have extensive experience working alongside your experts to help you design facades and structures that will last for generations. Scroll through the gallery above to be inspired and contact us today for your personalised quote.

Tags: Durable, Outdoor use, Dense heavy wood, Fsc, Sustainably sourced, Exotic, Strong, Hard
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  • SPECIES: Dipteryx Odorata
  • DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout tropical South America, Peru, Colombia, Brazil & Guyana
  • COLOUR: Reddish brown when freshly cut, turning to a uniform tan or light brown on exposure
  • GRAIN: Very dense, heavy and hard. *About 1100kg/m3, Class 1 strength.
  • DENSITY/STRENGTH: Very durable (Class 1 in ground) and resistant to both fungi and insect borers
  • SEASONING: Medium shrinkage on careful drying, then stable in service. Fibre saturation 22% MC. Slow to dry. Occasional checking to be expected but not excessive.
  • WORKING QUALITIES: Due to density and hardness the best tools and methods are required to achieve a clean, smooth finish. Highly satisfactory outcomes can be achieved
  • USES: Heavy structural, Flooring, Decking, Bridges, Poles and Tool Handles
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Need a custom Cumaru solution for your next project?

At JSC, we can make your timber design dreams come true. Our expert in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create offering to satisfy even the most unique project requirements. Our precision moulding and machining mean we can match existing profiles and also do custom design. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch today.


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