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TMT Tulipwood

Clear Grade Thermally Modified Timber 

Tulipwood is one of the most abundant medium density hardwoods in the U.S. forestry estate. Tulipwood is a fast-growing tree and regenerates by natural reseeding and by regrowth from the stumps of harvested trees. 

TMT Tulipwood is a predominantly clear grade timber species and takes a full range of oil and water-based coatings well. For those wanting a natural weathered look, it can also be pre-grey coated to assist in transitioning into the weathered look over time. 

The TMT process results in a medium-density (390-420kg/ m2) hardwood with great resistance to, swelling or shrinkage in extremes of temperature and humidity. The properties of TMT Tulipwood make it an ideal choice for exterior applications. The thermal modification strengthens the molecular structure of the wood and reduces the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) resulting in greater dimensional stability.

Uses of TMT Tulipwood  
JSC TMT Tulipwood has a soft, even-grained appearance with minimal knots and a consistent dark caramel colour making it a great choice for a range of applications such as: 

JSC TMT Tulipwood cladding is available in a range of JSC TMT weatherboard and moulding profiles. Supplied in good average length spreads which allow for greater design possibilities and is the perfect  material choice for your vertical and horizontal cladding.

TMT Tulipwood’s beauty is favoured for interior wall linings, mouldings and components and because it is a completely natural product modified only using heat and steam, there is no leaching of treatment chemical or natural resins. 

Also suitable for other applications such as laminated beams and structures, where lightweight, strength and stability are key variables. 
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At JSC, we can make your timber design dreams come true. Our expert in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create offering to satisfy even the most unique project requirements. Our precision moulding and machining mean we can match existing profiles and also do custom design. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch today.


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