JSC RusticClad - Vertical Cavity Solution

Introducing New Zealand's First Cedar Rusticated System Tested to NZBC E2/AS1 VM1

JSC RusticClad, offers both wrap and rigid air barrier options along with the new JSC RusticClad batten profiles to complete an exclusive new range.

JSC Timber led the market developing a fully tested horizontal and vertical cavity system for Western Red Cedar in both Vertical Shiplap and Rusticated Cedar weatherboards formats.

JSC RusticClad is tested to NZBC E2/AS1 VM1 in respect to the requirements of clauses B1, B2 and E2 and gives a full Producer Statement-Design from an ACE accredited façade engineer.

Traditional and extremely versatile Rusticated Weatherboards offer unique horizontal negative lines that accentuate the grain structure and natural beauty of Western Red Cedar. Rusticated Weatherboards have evolved over recent years with new and innovative architectural profiles re-establishing the range to suit current new design methods. JSC Timber also provides a full range of pre-primed finger jointed profiles that complete this very popular range.

JSC RusticClad Cavity System

  • Report:  Producer Statemetn Design PS1 Testing JSC RusticClad System, JSC Timber Rusticated cavity system to NZBC E2/VM1
  • Detail Range:  Index JR-C and Index JR-RB

  • Test report data and technical details available by contacting JSC Architectural Team:
    + 64 9 412 2800 

Residential and light Commercial cladding as per NZS 3604/E2AS1 direct and cavity fixing.

As per NZS 3617 or Branz Bulletin 411.  Refer JSC Profile Booklet for all available profiles.

Please note - Profiles are subject to change at any time without notice.

As per NZS 3631: 1988   PC1 Premium Clears One   PC2 Premium Clears Two

As per NZS 3602 Class 2 durability for use above ground

Band Sawn Face (BSF), Dressed Face (DF) or Sanded

Length Spread
Random length supply up to 4.88, selected lengths (up to 6.1) available on request.

J40, J41, J42 90x19, 69x19, Rustic plugs

Nails - Silicone Bronze or Stainless Steel
Silicone Bronze or Stainless Steel fixings to NZBC E2/AS1 Table 24. JSC Rose Head/Pentagon Head/Flat Head Annular Groove Nails. All nail fixings are to be pre-drilled a minimum of 1mm diameter smaller than the nail gauge.

Refer to JSC Timber for Manufacturer details/correct sizes, fixing details and available options.

Installation:  Fixing Rusticated Weatherboards
Adjust vertical set-out to ensure there is a 2mm expansion gap between successive boards. 

Single face fix weatherboards to every fixing point, with nail driven in a slight (2º+) upward slope, 35mm from bottom edge of weatherboard.  DO NOT PIN LAPS OF WEATHERBOARDS

Nails to achieve a minimum 35mm embedment into the framing.

Random stagger butt joints on adjacent boards scarf joint and cover with corrosive resistant soakers.  Fit cover boards and/or scribers to all openings. 

External corners to be weatherproofed by the use of corrosion resistant back flashing and to be used behind the weatherboards at all external corners.  Use external corner moulds or cover boards to form external box corners.

Internal corners to be weatherproofed by the use of corrosion resistant back flashing and to be used behind the weatherboards at internal corners.  Use internal corner moulds.

In addition, all cut edges are to be sealed with suitable coating prior to installation and manufacturer's coating schedules adhered to.

Please contact specification@jsctimber.co.nz for a current copy of our system documentation.

JSC DuraCedar
JSC specifically developed the 22mm thick weatherboard and fascia range to increase the durability and stability of Western Red Cedar Cladding. JSC Timber recommends DuraCedar where dark stains are to be used.  Read more about JSC DuraCedar

JSC CedarShield - Factory Applied Coating Systems
JSC CedarShield ensures a consistent application for improved appearance and increased finish life and durability.  Read more about JSC CedarShield.

Please speak with a member of our Specification Team for information on weatherboard profile suitability for stains, dark colours and recommended coating options - ph: 09 412-2800 or specification@jsctimber.co.nz

Masterspec section 4221J Western Red Cedar Cladding.



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