Board and Batten Weatherboards

Board and Batten is a vertical design created using cedar boards fixed with battens over the joints.  Board and Batten is an acceptable solution (as per NZS E2/AS1) and can be used in a wide variety of settings.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Residential and light Commercial cladding as per NZS 3604/E2AS1.  

As per NZS 3617 or Branz Bulletin 411 
Standard - J120, J121, J123, J124 
Architectural - 
APJ900/APJ9001 Batten, APJ902 Batten, APJ903 Batten/APJ904

Please note - Profiles are subject to change at any time without notice.

As per NZS 3631: 1988 - PC1 Premium Clears One OR PC2 Premium Clears Two

As per NZS 3602 Class 2 durability for use above ground.  In long lengths to profile detailed with species and grading to the requirements of NZS 3602 but with all knots excluded.  To NZS 3602, table 2, Requirements for wood-based building components to achieve a 15-year durability performance.

Band Sawn Face (BSF), Dressed Face (DF) or Sanded

Length Spread
Random length supply (up to 6.1), selected lengths available on request.

90X19mm, 69X19mm external cover boards

Sharks Tooth Flashing PVC compressible flashing strip. For use with vertical Board & Batten in high wind applications.

Silicone Bronze or Stainless Steel fixings to NZBC E2/AS1 Table 24. JSC Rose Head/Pentagon Head/Flat Head Annular Groove. Refer to JSC Timber for Manufacturer details / correct sizes and fixing details and options available.

Installation:  Fixing Board and Batten
Using full length Boards only, nail at the centre of the Board with (nogs/dwangs at 480mm maximum centres).  Single fix through the gap between boards at every fixing point.  Nails to be driven in with a slight upward slope. 

JSC specifically developed the 22mm thick weatherboard and fascia range to increase the durability and stability of Western Red Cedar Cladding. JSC Timber recommends DuraCedar where dark stains are to be used. Read more about JSC DuraCedar

CedarShield - Factory Applied Coating Systems
JSC CedarShield ensures a consistent application for improved appearance and increased finish life and durability.  Read more about
JSC CedarShield.

Please speak with a member of our Specification Team for information on weatherboard profile suitability for stains, dark colours and recommended coating options - ph: 09 412-2800 or

Masterspec:  Section 4221J Western Red Cedar Cladding.


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