Western Red Cedar Weatherboard Cladding Solutions

Introducing New Zealand's first fully tested horizontal and vertical cavity system for Western Red Cedar in both Vertical Shiplap and Rusticated Cedar Weatherboards


New Zealand has a long history of the use of all heart Western Red Cedar for prestige construction where elegance, durability and stability are required.

Approved and recommended by New Zealand building authorities, specifiers and homeowners, Western Red Cedar has a proven record that ensures both functional excellence and visual beauty. Western Red Cedar is very well suited to New Zealand’s distinctive coastal and rural architecture and has been adopted into the design ethos of specifiers and builders alike.

The even, uniform grain and texture of old growth coastal cedar gives it exceptional stability, particularly when cut on the quarter. This dimensional stability provides an ideal base for surface coatings which will further protect the weatherboards against the harshest sun, wind and rain. JSC Timber has a full range of weatherboards and associated mouldings from traditional through to modern and custom profiles.

The classical elegance of Western Red Cedar is not restricted to just exterior locations. With its distinctive golden brown growth rings, it creates a “cathedral tracery” and vertical grained symmetry, that provides individual character and beauty to wall panelling, ceiling sarking, and internal beams.

Western Red Cedar

JSC Timber Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is a common tree in Pacific North-western Coastal and Interior regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is a large tree, up to 60 metres tall when mature and 2.5 metres in diameter. Western Red Cedar has the unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that bring warmth, character and longevity to Homes and Commercial Buildings around the word. Western Red Cedar is renowned for its naturally occurring resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage.

Its natural durability, dimensional stability and exceptional beauty enable greater design flexibility for a wide variety of Exterior and Interior uses.

Western Red Cedar is the ultimate Green building material. It is responsibly and sustainably harvested in the publicly managed forests of British Columbia, Canada.

All producers are in the process or have achieved certification under one or more independent third party certification systems (PEFC, CSA, SFI or FSC) all programs have current and full up to date compliance to PEFC Annex 4 COC).

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